Our Great Story

Dhaka Property started in August of 2020 in an effort to change the old school real estate marketing of “stick a sign in the yard and hope it sells” to a more modern approach utilizing the reach of the Internet. We began offering professional Architectual photography.

With this partnership our clients not only benefit from beautiful listing photography but also ‘best in class’ Internet marketing technology for real estate.

What we do

Online Rental Service

Do you like to search a room online? Search the provided criteria in a few clicks and start comparing it right away

Property Sale

Sale your apartment, flat or property online with one call, Contact Us, Rest leave on Us.

Lease Property

lease your property to help and grow some business, Search property on our portal.

Why Choose Us?

Our team is committed to help our customer on priority. Which will help for both a customer who wants to rent an apartment as well as the owner.

You don’t need to go door steps blindly, Call us we will help you which door is open for you.

Now you can find at our portal which type of room/apartment suits you best.

Suresh Dhaka